Mold Max 20 Silicone Mold Making Rubber - Trial Unit



Brand: Smooth-On


  • Soft Shore 20A Tin Silicone Rubber
  • High tear strength mold making silicone
  • Good for making molds used for casting resin, plaster and wax.
  • Can be thickened with Thi-Vex® thickener for brush-on application and effects.
  • An infinite number of color effects can be achieved by adding Silc Pig® silicone pigments or Cast Magic® effects powders.

Publisher: Smooth-On, Inc.

Details: Mold Max® RTV silicone rubbers will reproduce the finest detail and are suitable for a variety of industrial and art related applications including making molds for reproducing prototypes, furniture, sculpture and architectural elements. Mold Max® silicones can also be used to cast a variety of materials including wax, gypsum, low melt alloys/metals and urethane, epoxy or polyester resins (without using a release agent).

UPC: 751635816411

EAN: 0751635816411

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