Grit 1500 2000 2500 3000 5000 7000 High Precision Polishing Sanding Wet/dry Abrasive Sandpaper Sheets - Germany, Pack of 12



Brand: LANHU


  • 9" x 11" Full size wet dry High grit polishing sandpaper
  • Pack of 12 sheets Grit(2 x #1500 Grit, 2 x #2000 Grit, 2 x #2500 Grit, 2 x #3000 Grit, 2 x #5000 Grit, 2 x #7000 Grit)
  • Nomal fine, Super fine and ultra super mirror finish sheets pack, Made in Germany
  • Premium WATERPROOF Flexible
  • Silky texture polishing for Wood, Metal, Lacquer, Plastics, Glass, Stone, Leather Etc

Publisher: Shenzhen Oudelan Abrasive Co,. Ltd.

Details: 12-PACK 2 x #1500, 2 x #2000, 2 x #2500, 2 x #3000, 2 x #5000, 2 x #7000
SIZE: 9" x 11" full size Silicon Carbide Paper
waterproof (flexible) Fully resin bonded Flexible A-weight paper " Queen of abrasive paper" shows this excellent quality.
Origin: Germany
Application: Varnishes, wet sanding Waterproof paper for perfect surface finishing.
Also suitable for other applications. Ideal for both wet and dry sanding.
The soft backing paper ensures a good fit to your hand. Sands smoothly with only moderate effort, with high resistance to slippage during use.
The high-quality materials and high technologies used to produce these paper guarantee long life.
Waterproof sand paper for perfect surface finishing.
Suitable for various applications.
Ideal for sanding metals, plain and lacquered woods, plastics, ceramics and Varnishes, wet sanding stone, and auto body repair.

UPC: 680577832060

EAN: 0680577832060

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